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A well-known Chinese drum manufacturer / dedicated to the tire industry

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A well-known Chinese drum manufacturer / dedicated to the tire industry


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Talent Concept
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(Sunstar Machinery Technology Co., Ltd., formerly Jieyang Rongxing Rubber Machinery Co., Ltd., expanded its production and re-named in July 2009.)
After more than 20 years of development and expansion, the company gradually built its brand route under the general manager's business philosophy after the expansion and relocation. At the same time, the implementation of modern management concepts, now has a professional team that understands management and good management. This is the pride of Sunstar and a valuable resource for Sunstar. It is also the driving force and source of the Sunstar to develop beyond the self and go abroad. However, Sunstar is always aware that talent is never enough. To win talents today is to win competition.
With the concept of “employing talents without any restrictions”, Sunstar Company has formed an employment environment in which people stay in love, keep their careers, and retain their benefits. Gold will eventually shine. At Sunstar, no matter where you are from, as long as you are a talent, as long as you are willing to join the Sun Star, you are willing to contribute your talents to the Sun Star, you will become the most dazzling star of Sunstar.
Sunstar is a big family and a loving family. It cares for you and your family all the time. There is a warm atmosphere here. Every employee here is a member of the family. They love their family, they are hardworking and love. Dedicated to their work, they have dedicated their talents and infinite passion for the better construction of the Sun Star!
Sunstar is a simple and unpretentious stage. On stage, we have performed one after another, which is both wonderful and far-reaching. The stage has also achieved countless dreams and persistence! Sunstar is a red sun that is open to the public. It is a vibrant spring, a star that shines on the earth during the day.
Sunstar expects you to be talented, look forward to your loyalty and responsibility, and look forward to your joining with the Sunstar "common co-prosperity, pursuit of lofty"!