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A well-known Chinese drum manufacturer / dedicated to the tire industry

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A well-known Chinese drum manufacturer / dedicated to the tire industry


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  It was established for Guangdong Sunstar machinery technology Co.,Ltd.in 1992 , the Head company lies at  San He industrial park in jie yang city, Guangdong ,5 kilometers west of the Chaoshanairport。 Its Covers an area of  26650 square meter , the plant area is about 11000 square meter. It is a rubber machinery research, development, Manufacturing sales and services for body high - end tire molding drum professional enterprises. The company focuses on researching oak Plastic machinery for 27 years, not only with the world's top personalized customized production line, and creative It has highlighted the needs of customers and formed “a large scale individualization by means of industrialization and efficiency  Customized production "is the core of the Sun star model. The company has advanced professional research and development center, experiment Room, tool room, material warehouse, accessory workshop, NC production workshop, high standard no dust assembly work Room, power workshop, professional heat treatment workshop, deep cooling treatment workshop. Existing high-end  Production equipment, CNC precision equipment and product quality inspection equipment more than 190 sets, products passed IS09001:2015 standard quality management system certification. 
  Sunstar science and technology is a national key high-tech enterprise, national technology innovation demonstration enterprise, the country A benchmark enterprise of "integration of industrialization and industrialization", guangdong engineering technology research center, jie Yang city level enterprise technology center, jieyang city intellectual property protection key enterprises, guangdong keep contract & Same credit enterprises, China rubber industry association governing units. 
  With the concept of "specialty, focus and innovation", sunstar has always been pursuing the development of science and technology The road is to optimize and develop the road of development, collect the superior resources, and implement and develop the leading equipment technology , the construction of a high-level scientific research platform, the introduction of high-end technology, to create a new product peak.  
It reflects the great advantages of the shape drum products of sunstar technology in high-tech competition. Sun star 
Science and technology insists that "this tire industry provides safe, efficient and reliable modern equipment". 
  In order to standardize the standardized production of molding drum in the industry, it will become China's rubber industry in 2018 Special reference unit for drafting molding drum industry standards. 
  The company is the domestic rubber tire molding drum pilot, to build a high-tech enterprise platform For the breakthrough, the scientific and technological innovation products are endless, one of them is the Unistage Semi-steel  mechanical Synchronized turn up building drum and turn up bladder building drum have been recognized as high-tech products in 2018, and there are Indenfication patent more than ten of them 
  The company has always adhered to the guidance of innovation, striving for excellence, and constantly realizing "let human being enjoy a high-quality life" as The high-end pursuit , creates a win-win platform for the society to share results.