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A well-known Chinese drum manufacturer / dedicated to the tire industry


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Personnel training
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Sunstar's training of talents and future directions
With the fierce competition in the real market, not only from the competition of price, quality, talent and so on. Since 2011, Sunstar will conduct systematic appraisal and training for personnel entering the company. All personnel entering the company must pass the interview, examination and test of the personnel department. If the qualified company will arrange pre-job training. With the development of the company, at the invitation of the general manager, we have appointed a professional training institution (Shantou Yingsheng Management Consulting Co., Ltd.) to train our staff from time to time. As the company continues to grow and develop, the contradiction of talent shortage will become more prominent. Whether the talent problem can be solved is a matter of success or failure. The company insists on further emancipating the mind, the concept of "talent first", closely surrounding the development goals of the enterprise, firmly grasping the realistic foundation of the talent team of the company, deepening the strategy of strengthening the enterprise by talents, creatively developing existing talents, and focusing on the development and utilization of the surrounding areas. All kinds of human resources, focus on strengthening team building, and strive to make the company's talents into a high-quality, high-level modernization team to achieve the goal of promoting enterprise construction to provide strong talent guarantee and intellectual support.
1. Sunstar will further promote the promotion of talent construction. Establishing a talent achievement reward mechanism, so that talents who have achieved great results and made important contributions do have a sense of honor, a sense of accomplishment, and a sense of glory, and strive to create a corporate culture that “creates achievements with honor and makes contributions very glorious”.
2. Focus on strengthening team building. With the goal of the development of high-level talents and talented talents, we will build a high-quality executive team with balanced management technology.
3. Do everything possible to introduce high-level talents. At the same time, it should be rewarded for its strong ability and outstanding performance to ensure that it can be brought in, retained and used well.
4. Improve performance and ability-oriented assessment and evaluation mechanisms and scientific and effective incentive and restraint mechanisms.
5. Strengthen talent education and training, and promote the continuous improvement of the overall quality of the talent team; carry out the activities of creating “learning enterprises” and “learning teams”, incorporate the education and training of talents into the development plans of individual posts, and establish a paid learning system and funding. Security system.
6. Promote the exchange of talents, strengthen the training of talents, improve the quality of personnel assessment, and so on, to meet the needs of talents and enterprises.
7. Strengthen the organization and leadership of talent work. Efforts should be made to build more practical things for the talent team and solve practical problems. Incorporate talent work into the overall layout of enterprise development, take the road of strong talents, and strive to push the talent work of Sunstar Company to a new level, create a new situation in which talents come forth in large numbers and people do their best.
8. Talent is the lifeblood of the company. Training high-quality talents will be the eternal goal of Sunstar.